Hi! Welcome to the Jellicai Pages!
I'm Kitame and I'll be your guide while you're here, the definitive site for all things Jellicai.

What's "Jellicai?" Well I am for one, but that doesn't answer the real question (there wouldn't be a need for a site if it did, silly!). "Jellicai" isn't just a "what" -- or "who" for that matter -- it's a holistic totality...and this is the place to find just what that entails.

And now, a few brief words
from our sponsor:

The Jellicai Project is an ongoing work-in-progress and as such all concepts presented here may change abruptly and occassionally seem contradictory or incomplete. The majority, however, represent more-or-less polished and finalized parts of the whole. For a more detailed description of the nature of the project and its background, follow the "history" link below.

This said, I leave you in
Kitame'Uutanael's small, able hands
for the remainder of your stay.

--P.O. Holland

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