As much as I would like to tell you everything about my kind right away, I have to admit that I'm still working on putting things together in a format that's both informative and fun (and making color pictures, too!). Of course, if I met you personally, I could just touch-link it all straight into your brain, and after the headache passes a week or so later (assuming you sanity holds), well...

Anyway, I'm adding articles as I finish translating them out of academese, that descriptive (but dry, wordy and utterly mind-bloating) language collegiate types are expected to write in, and breaking things down into smaller web-friendly chunks. Please be patient.
() I've used the bullet to mark the new additions.

Each of the articles here has three parts: the main text, footnotes, and "related articles." Links in the main text will open explanations of terms and what-not that was too wordy to put in, but is essential to understand (they're "footnotes," neat concept, huh?). Through the "Related Articles" part, you'll ultimately be able to cross-reference all the articles.




Explanations of miscellaneous facts, philosophy, and the special metaphysical Jellicai attributes like our TP (telepathic/empathic) and PK (psychokinetic) capacity. Basically, essentials that don't fit under any one of the other headings.


Explanations of Jellicai physical attributes and such, with plenty of diagrams.



Jellicai social structure, specifically the Collective and our outlook on life, family, and being a newest branch on the family tree of Man.


How the Jellicai came to be and where we're going. Some is also technically human history, since it predates the Rebirth (and in some cases, the rise of Homo Sapiens); but it's essential and most is not commonly known.

Until I have more details here, you
can always ask me about things directly
c/o of Mr. Holland.


Full Name: Kitame'Uutaneal

Height: 1.175m (1.34m, full ext)

Weight (mass): 23.25kg

Year of Rebirth: 1996

Quote: I'm just an average, normal Jellicai, really. Of course, normalacy is an entirely relative concept.

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