A word on what you will find here:

The goal of the Jellicai Project (pronounced jeh-li-KAH-ee) is to invent a wholly fictional, yet fully detailed, species. This ambitious effort entails not simply defining superficial appearance, but also the full aspects of anatomy, society, philosophy and behavior. As such, the project is also a collection of reflections on the human condition and the definitions of the ultimate human ideal. The project is not, at present, a literary one: there is no attempt at story-telling. It is a purely conceptual, and rather experimental, exercise. Read into it what you will, but as in the real world, the implications of what is presented here are left, for now, to the imagination.

A brief introduction to the concept:

The Jellicai are a hermaphroditic, anthro-felinoid species derived directly from humanity, the result of a sudden evolutionary leap, the "Rebirth," the outcome of an ancient "program" of stimulated development. Childlike in stature, yet superhuman in mental and physical ability, body and soul, the Jellicai are at once a species in its infancy and the most matured form of mankind.

Where the concept came from:

The idea germinated for years, well before the ability to actually depict it. The result, perhaps, of having grown up in the close company of cats, and the imagination to see them as people. Three, broadly spaced events ultimately lead to what would become the "Jellicai."

First, I discovered comic books and started emulating their art as a foundation for my own characters.

Second, I came in contact with a certain book of poems, which ultimately brought a certain Broadway musical to my attention.

And third, a close feline companion of remarkable creative ability met a sudden and violent end.

What had started out as super-heroes with vaguely catty characteristics and names inspired by "Cats" became tied up in the soul-searching process. The reconciliation of the loss within the frame of human existence that followed affected a unique intertwining of the ideal of humanity with the essence of the felinity. Rather abruptly, the anthropomorphosed "jellicles" and their humans-in-disguise kin were subsumed by a new, more holistic, ideal:

Although the root of that single word is clear, it signified a new state of creative, actualized being, divorced from the superficiality of its source. Yet, as it progressed, the cathartic expression it represented took on a life of its own, maturing into something much greater and far more complex.